3 things I’m trying to go from compulsive content glutton to conscious content consumer

My consumption is a compulsion.

It all started long ago, before we had the internet.

The month of consuming consciously.

  • Do an information fast
    One day this month, I won’t read, listen or watch anything at all. I will spend time with people, take long walks/hikes, dance, nap, take time with my meals, clean etc.
  • Be more selective
    I don’t make myself finish books I don’t like, but I often finish books that are just okay.I will only listen or read to a book if it’s truly enjoyable to consume.
  • Do more things in silence
    I often listen to podcasts and audiobooks while doing things like washing the dishes, doing the laundry, and even sometimes when I’m reading (I know!). For one month, I’m going to do these things in silence (that includes music) and be more present.



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Lynn Rivest

I talk about building a minimalist biz + aging boldly as a midlife entrepreneur.