The best way I’ve found to motivate myself to do hard stuff

Here’s how it goes:

  • She is kind, warm and so grateful to me because she knows I’m doing the hard work on the way to where she is
  • She smiles a lot and laughs easily
  • She sits close and holds my hands or touches my arm a lot
  • She is wearing the kind of boho chic clothes and accessories I love, she feels great in them
  • She has effortlessly great posture and her arms are defined
  • She smells fantastic, I keep getting whiffs of lovely bergamot with a hint of vanilla
  • She really listens and when she talks, she takes her time and checks in to see what feels right to say
  • Her eyes are more wrinkled and her cheeks drooping a bit more and she looks radiant



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Lynn Rivest

I talk about building a minimalist biz + aging boldly as a midlife entrepreneur.