The people in your life matter more than how much grit or resilience you have

It’s not who about who you are but what you do in different contexts

  • To get an accurate idea of how much a student drinks, don’t ask how much they think they drink but how often they think their peers are drinking.
  • A student’s grades will increase if they have a roommate with a higher GPA.
  • At-risk teens in group programs meant to help do the opposite. Because they influence each other and those programs result in an average 13% increase in crimes committed.
  • Cable TV increases support for women’s rights around the world. The divorce rate in UAE went up by 10% when the progressive Turkish soap “Noor” started airing in Arab nations.
  • If someone you have an affinity toward becomes obese, your likelihood of obesity goes up by 53%. If you both consider each other friends, that percentage increases to 171%.
  • Happy friends make you 15% more likely to be happy.



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Lynn Rivest

I talk about building a minimalist biz + aging boldly as a midlife entrepreneur.